Here's How It Will Work

  • The videos can be of any Nick moment over the past 30 years - performing, meet & greet, offstage, backstage, etc
  • Compilation or fan edits/design edits are not allowed. Please only submit videos with no text or elements
  • Any videos you post must be taken by you and belong to you
  • If other people (such as friends) are in the video, we will be asking for their permission to use the video 
  • In order to have your video chosen for consideration, it must be posted to TikTok, Instagram OR Twitter (X) using the hashtag #30YearsWhoIAm and tagging @nickcarter by September 25, 2023 at midnight Pacific


If your video is chosen, you will be sent an email from the email address

Please do not e-mail this address with questions, or submit your videos via e-mail. In order for your video to be considered, it must be posted to TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter. 

Please be hyper- vigilant before sending any personal information and make sure the email address you are replying to is official.